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Intel: Navigant


Success Metrics

Quick Facts


          The market’s most innovative branded search capability


Intel wanted to position itself as a thought leader in the Enterprise IT, cloud computing and data center markets. They wanted to target Business Decision Makers(BDM) within their everyday IT news sites and educate them about the benefits of their cloud computing and data center solutions. Intel needed a unique way to organically penetrate this audienceand relied on IDG TechNetwork’s custom and award winning marketing expertise and audience scale of over 500 technology related sites.


IDG TechNetwork built a proprietary search-based advertising platform called “Navigant.” Combining elements of display and search, Navigant allows the client to own search words and phrases across the IDG TechNetwork. Navigant redirects all searches to a customized landing page featuring related content from across the network’s collection of thousands of sites combined with additional Intel content and exclusive Intel branding.

Success Metrics

The campaign has been so successful that Intel has renewed it 5 times to continue as a leader in the branded search experience!