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Organizing the largest tech audience starts with organizing the web’s best tech publishers.

Offering benefits well beyond those of traditional ad networks, IDG TechNetwork organizes the largest pool of premium technology inventory across the web to provide publishers with unmatched revenue potential as part of a trusted and selected community of sites.

Leveraging IDG’s global audience affinity and decades of technology expertise, we have developed a community of high-quality technology publishers that is unmatched in the market. IDG has over 120 sales representatives in the U.S. with offices serving 85 countries around the world, bringing your site more premium media buys than any other company.

The Results

• World-wide sales team without channel conflict
• Deep relationships with top tier advertisers
• High engagement Custom programs and solutions
• New revenue opportunities across
  multiple platforms, including mobile
• Dedicated Account Manager with full time support
• Timely and accountable payouts

Advertising Opportunities

• Display
• Video
• Mobile
• Data
• Custom Rich Media Solutions
• Tech Media Exchange

Areas of Influence


We value our publishers and provide services that stimulate success and growth

• Single-Point-of-Contact Service Model (Dedicated Account Manager)
• Accountable Programs (Metrics & Analytics updated daily)
• Ease of Billing & Financial Management (Reliable Payments in a timely fashion)
• Comprehensive Custom Marketing Solutions (IDG Creative Lab)
• IDG Global Recognition Reach (Associate with the largest Global Organization
  of Premium Technology Sites that Drive Results and Maximize Revenue)