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Native Promotional Unit


To drive awareness, IDG’s native promotional unit will be served in the contextually relevant sections of IDG CSMB sites to promote your content as “recommended content”. Users will click through to view your content on your company’s site. This is a non-expanding unit that includes 1 content refresh over the course of your program.

Ad Category: Branding
Device Type: Desktop



  • Initial Dimensions: 970x335
  • Expanded Dimensions: non-expanding

Development Guidelines

  • IDG TechNetwork/Client Build: IDG TechNetwork
  • IDG TechNetwork Build Time (working days): 7-10 days

Implementation Notes & Best Practices

• We recommend no more than 4 assets
• Includes title only
• To make the unit truly native, the less branding the better


Client Deliverables

• 4-5 supplied assets
• Click thru links for each asset
• Title of asset and short description (1 sentence)
• Supplied image if available
• Client logo


Impression reporting will be provided by DFP/DFA and interaction/click reporting will be provided by Flite. Reporting is sent on a bi-weekly basis.